Apres Tree Retro Ski

December 2023

Apres Tree Retro Ski December 2023

A fabulous evening under the stars, with lots of Apres ski themed fun.  Great tunes with Daydream Disco and delicious food in the Yard.

Thank you all for joining us at our new, themed party!

Did you miss the action?  Or were you there…click the button to spot you or your friends below…

Wyldsfest November 2023

Oh what a night!  Joined once again by the floor filling, energy lifting Ukulele Jam, everyone was ready to party!  The Alibi Rock Band delighted with Rock hits and classics that made the night one to remember.  Culinary delights a plenty in the Yard from Grate Fire Kitchen and Earth to Oven, and a great warm up by the wonderful Oli Patient made a complete and fun evening for all.

Summerfest July 2023

A great line up of live music and wonderful weather made for a wonderful day and evening for all.  Opening the afternoon were the amazing ‘Go Go Gadget Legs Duo’!  And what a pair they were – amazing and creative covers performed on top of the hilltop, with sunshine a views a plenty.

Following this treat was the Southampton Ukulele Jam, full of energy and very engaging always guaranteed to get those feet tapping and hands a clapping!  Great fun.

The finale, moving down into the Yard and Barns was the fantastic covers band ‘WonderBoy’. Keeping everyone entertained until closing with lively and classic sing-a-long hits, there was certainly something for everyone!


Twelfth Night, Petersfield Shakespeare Festival July 2023

Open Air Theatre with the Petersfield Shakespeare Festival, 224 production – Twelfth Night was an amazing experience, with 9 performances taking place over 7 days!

 Twelfth Night

Twelfth Night

Petersfield Shakespeare Festival 2023

Twelfth Night

Wylds Feasts

So, we’ve enjoyed hosting two Wylds Feasts so far this Spring and have a summer of them to follow. June 24th is the next date and you’ll find the ticket link here

Everything was cooked to perfection with fire and smoke and there was a special cocktail on arrival for diners. 

Radish and griddled Kohlrabi salad featured, as did fennel flank and burnt onion purée. Plus some beautiful medium rare flank steak cooked in full sight whilst the first and second courses were being enjoyed just inside the barn.

There was an unexpected star turn by the tiger who prowled out of the ferns and in to watch over the feasting. He didn’t eat though. If you know, you’ll know! He may revisit us June 24th. He’s a hungry guy after all.

Woodland 2023

Our three not so little pigs – Eliza, Sherbet & Percy – are doing a grand job of turning over the deciduous woodland alongside the plantations.

They’re rooting and rummaging with their snouts and upturning the rich, brown earth. It’s a regenerative process for the woodland floor and they’ve the perfect nose for the job!

Our pigs are Kune Kune and have access to the stream which runs alongside the farmtrack. 

If you’re lucky, you can see their flying skills in action; it’s no myth that pigs can fly. These three positively LEAP up the bank and out of the running water after taking their refreshments. And likely washing a whole lot of dirt out of their nostrils…

Springtime 2023

We’re busy at the farm prepping for the forthcoming seasons.

The new saplings have been planted up, covered in a cosy layer of wool fleece, some nourishment and are safely stocked in the nurseries.

This year’s wildflower meadow is seeded and sown; the hillside approach to the Red Oak will be glorious and blooming by the time of The Petersfield Shakespeare Festival and their colourful summertime performances.


Fundraising 2022

We’ve some news to share, Wylds Things.  Some really uplifting & positive, good news.

Thanks to you all & to your generosity, together last winter, we were able to raise £2,775 for Parkinson UK.

All your £1 cup return donations and supplementary contributions over the course of the season and at Wyldsfest, these collectively amounted to a sizeable total which we felt very pleased to hand across to the Parkinsons UK charity whom we support year on year.

A heartfelt Thank You to each of you for your generosity whilst with us on site and enjoying your time at Wylds.

Nick & the Team

NB. hop across to our insta grid to listen to the whole video that Nick shared about this fundraising.

Nick Parkinsons pic

Petersfield Shakespeare Festival 2022

The ribbons around the farmyard fluttered and the illuminated Red Oak made for a striking stage backdrop.

We were transported to Italy for Much Ado About Nothing. Which was Everything. An absolutely sumptuous and sensational summer season of performances in every way.

Messina proved a very pleasant and entertaining place to spend time.

Thank you to The Petersfield Shakespeare Festival for sharing your colourful capers with us once again.

A Review ‘snippet’ … “This had all the hallmarks of a PSF production: intelligent scripting and direction, deceptively simple set design, pace and energy and above all a cast of fine comic actors working selflessly for each other.”


Wyldsfest 2022

Well that was a joyful jump around under the stars last night, was it not?!

What a stellar evening all together in the farmyard, Wylds Things. Did you have fun?

It certainly looks that way from the footage; the barn was bouncing.

Thank you for joining us to celebrate all things Wylds Farm, revel in the music and at the same time raise money for @parkinsonsuk.

Huge thanks to all our street food vendors who brought such terrific tucker, enthusiasm and energy to the farm and fed us so fabulously with dancing fuel.

Giant handclaps also to our three bands for hours of rousing entertainment; you created some musical magic up there on the stage.

And thank you too, Wylds Things, for sharing your Friday night with us in winter woolies under the starlight and alchemising it all into a really joyous atmosphere.

In 2023 we’ll be celebrating Wyldsfest no.3 on Nov 03.